The EU Information Centre was founded by the Delegation of the European Union to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, aiming to enhance the EU related flow of information among the public. The general approach is to ensure that systematic, factual, correct and comprehensive information are provided to the public. The Delegation of the European Union fully considered the continuous increase of citizens’ interest about the EU accession process and the major demand for information especially after the country gained the status of candidate-country for EU membership. Having established the new EU InfoCentre, the Delegation aims to address this exceptionally crucial development in the public sphere, thus bring the European matters closer to the people. The EU InfoCentre recently has been relocated in better more functional premises, which offer improved environment for enhanced communication activities.

The fundamental goals of the Centre are:
  • Rising the awareness about the European Union
  • Disseminating information about EU;
  • Increasing the knowledge about the EU, its institutions, bodies and mechanisms;
  • Addressing the information needs of specific interest groups and stakeholders;
  • Encouraging the public debates on the issues related to accession in the EU;
  • Spreading the word about fundamental values of the European Union
  • Supporting professionals and researchers,
  • Co-operation and exchange of information with other EU Info Centers .

The commitment and dedication of the Delegation and the EU InfoCentre staff in addressing the public needs for information is indispensable part of our every day work