5 August 2016

New EU directive relaxes rules for ncoming students and researchers, trainees and volunteers

A newly-adopted EU directive has relaxed some of the rules for entry and residence that apply to people from outside the EU who come to study, research, train or volunteer in Europe.
Questions on visas and residence permits play a large role in decisions on where to study, and these new changes can therefore help make Europe a more attractive destination for study and research.

EU directives set goals that EU countries must achieve while leaving it to up them to decide how best to do it. The new directive revises previous legislation in place since 2004.

Here are some of the changes:

  • students and researchers to be allowed to work during their mobility period for at least 15 hours a week
  • after study or research, foreign students will be allowed to stay for up to nine months in a EU country to look for work or set up a business
  • family members of researchers coming to Europe will be allowed to accompany them and to look for work
  • it will also be easier for foreign nationals to move around Europe. They will no longer need to apply for a new visa, but simply notify the second country to which they are moving. 

EU countries now have two years to implement the new rules in their national legislation. The directive does not apply in Denmark, Ireland or the UK.|

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