18 July 2016

Member State compliance with EU law improving, but more work ahead to unleash full potential of Single Market

The European Commission has reiterated its commitment to ensure the effective application of the whole range of European legislation and, in particular, the world's biggest single market of 500 million citizens.

The Annual Report provides a clear picture on how the Commission monitored and enforced European Union law in 2015 and the Single Market Scoreboard reveals that barriers to the free movement of persons, services, goods and capital in the EU are being eliminated in most areas. The constructive compliance dialogue between the Commission and Member States increasingly leads to compliance issues being resolved without the need to resort to formal procedures.

At the same time, in some fields the situation is stalling or even worsening, new barriers are being erected, and the Single Market needs to adapt to reflect new realities: innovative ideas and new business models must find their place, too.

The 33rd 'Annual Report on Monitoring the Application of EU Law' reviews the Member States’ performance in key areas of the application of EU law and highlights the main trends in enforcement policy in 2015. One of the key areas is the Single Market which remains Europe's most precious asset for the millions of citizens and businesses. They benefit each day from the freedom to live, work and trade in 28 Member States, safe in the knowledge that a clear set of rules governs their relations.

More information: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-16-2245_en.htm