All visitors and most likely media professionals, experts or researchers would be interested in the programme of Europe by Satellite (EbS).
EbS is the European Union's TV information service, launched in 1995. EbS provides EU related audiovisual material via satellite to media professionals. The programming consists of a mix of live events, news items, stock shots on EU policies and issues.

Among other material EbS offers:

  • Institutional content from the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers, the European Central Bank and other institutions.
  • Live coverage of press conferences and briefings from the institutions, EP plenary sessions, European Councils;
  • Stock shots, info clips and Video News Releases produced by the Audiovisual Service and other EU institutions;
  • Teletext service carrying EP programme information during plenary sessions;
  • On line streaming of live and on demand EbS items up to 7 days following the original transmission;
  • On line broadcast quality video and audio files (MPEG2 and MP3 respectively) available for download directly from the website.